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Love Letters was a group show featuring new works conceived as expressions of gratitude. 

Love Letters curated by Anna Carnick for Anava Projects
Love Letters was a group show featuring new works conceived as expressions of gratitude. The autobiographical pieces - made in an array of materials and methods - reflect the participating designers' unique personal stories and exceptional talents while also serving as poetic symbols of the very real impact we have on one another.

“A Love Letter to Women’s Work,” is an homage to women makers and a tribute to the unrecognized, unsung heroines who paved the way for her own creative practice—and those of so many others.
Love Letters, a group show featuring new pieces conceived as expressions of gratitude. Come see us 10:30-19:30 today at Via Santa Marta 14, Milan

Pictured: Iraqi-American artist Maryam Turkey’s new lighting works are an homage to her mother, their shared and differing experiences as women living in both Baghdad and New York, and a statement on women’s autonomy.
The work was sparked by Turkey’s vivid memories of looking out through a window as a young girl in Baghdad, wishing to play outside while she was hidden indoors with the women in her family. The recessed lights represent Turkey’s experience looking out through the cracks in the curtains as a child, her own inner light longing to shine. The work is, as well, a reflection on the tension and care felt between Turkey and her mother, first in Baghdad, then as refugees in the US—as they adapted to their changed environment and newfound rights—and also today, as she honors the choices her mother made. Finally, it is a reflection on women’s ongoing struggle for equity—a struggle that persists in every nation around the globe.

In parallel with the show, we've organized a fundraiser to support local Italian nonprofit Progetto Arca’s important work providing housing, psychological support, mentorship and more to displaced and refugee women and children in Milan.

(From Milan Design Week 2023

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