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The Buckwheat Has Bloomed

"Buckwheat in Bloom" is a digital folk art piece inspired by the Yi people's creation epic, "Meige". This digital artwork beautifully integrates two thematic components of the epic: "Creation" and "Crafting of the World", showcasing the worldview of the Yi people. The piece explores the profound connections among culture, life, nature, and the cosmos, presenting a digital tableau of Yi cultural landscapes. By weaving traditional narratives with modern digital art techniques, this piece not only celebrates but also preserves the rich heritage of the Yi community in futuristic and speculative format. It invites viewers to reflect on the intricate relationships that define our existence and the universe, tradition and future, epic and digital, around us.


Raine Li

Raine Li is an interdisciplinary artist known for blending the rich traditions of China's Yi ethnic culture with contemporary artistic forms. Raised in Yunnan province, her work is deeply influenced by Yi folklore, music, and craftsmanship, which she integrates with modern media like digital art, experimental animation, and traditional calligraphy.

Her art, celebrated both domestically and internationally, challenges cultural boundaries and has been featured in prestigious exhibitions and festivals. Through her works, Raine explores themes of cultural transformation and resilience, making significant contributions to the discourse on globalization's impact on indigenous cultures.

Beyond her creative pursuits, Raine is active in promoting cultural exchange. She co-initiates projects that foster dialogue and understanding between diverse communities, using art to bridge cultural gaps.

Raine Li stands out as a vital voice in the global art scene, continually pushing for a fusion of tradition with modernity and advocating for inclusivity and cultural diversity in contemporary society.


Jiayi Lin

Jiayi Lin, born in 1995 in Shanghai, China, holds a Master's degree in Interior Design - SuperFutures Platform from the Royal College of Art, UK). Throughout his Formative years, he has been drawn to the boundless possibilities of the digital world, continually exploring the fusion of digital technology and art.

He is a London-based digital artist who creates art through a multidisciplinary approach. He is adept at using digital technology to provoke reflection on future societal track. His artistic practice cleverly integrates future literacy and critical elements, creating thought-provoking works through speculative methods.

What sets his work apart is its presentation of potential, abstract future worlds to the audience. His speculative piece, "Life Chapter," was featured in "[Y]our 2040" and exhibited in San Francisco.

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