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Digital Zen, Eternal Flow: Mountains of the Mind

"Digital Zen, Eternal Flow: Mountains of the Mind" embodies the quest to blend the spiritual essence of Buddhist philosophy with the aesthetic principles of traditional Chinese landscape painting, infused with the innovative pulse of immersive digital media. This piece was inspired by Jeanne's spiritual experience as a female Buddhist Monk (Bhikkhuni) after surviving lung cancer. It captures the subjective "landscape within the mind," invoking the Buddhist concept of inner tranquility and the philosophical doctrine of the "Three Distances" inherent in Chinese landscape art. This doctrine—comprising high distance (the vertical dimension), deep distance (the horizontal expansion into the scene), and level distance (the spatial variation across the plane)—serves as a metaphor for the journey of life and spiritual seeking. By integrating traditional art with digital technologies, including depth maps of Buddha figures, the work invites viewers to participate, immersing themselves in a virtual pilgrimage through imagined landscapes, thus becoming "mountain dwellers" traversing both spiritual and material realms.

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Zen Flow: Mountains of the Mind I & II

Zen Flow: Mountains of the Mind I & II, Ink and Watercolor on Xuan Paper, 2023, 54.3 x 26.8 in. (138 x 68 cm.)

"Zen Flow: Mountains of the Mind" embodies a journey through the spiritual essence of Zen Buddhism blended with the abstract forms of traditional Chinese landscape painting. This piece is inspired by Jeanne's spiritual experience as a female Buddhist Monk (Bhikkhuni) after surviving from lung cancer. It reflects the "landscape within the mind," capturing the Buddhist concept of inner tranquility and the ancient philosophical doctrine of the "Three Distances" in Chinese art. These distances—high (the vertical dimension), deep (the horizontal expansion), and level (spatial variation across the plane)—serve as metaphors for life's spiritual and existential journeys. Removed from the digital realm, this artwork focuses on the meditative and introspective experience, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a painted pilgrimage through symbolic landscapes and to become "mountain dwellers" in their quest for inner peace.

Ethereal Bloom III & IV

Step into a world where ethereal realms intertwine with earthly beauty in "Ethereal Bloom IV." This captivating masterpiece, rendered in a delicate watercolor dance upon Xuan Paper, transcends the boundaries of conventional artistry. Vitality pulsates throughout every brushstroke in the piece. Each stroke embodies a palpable energy, evoking a sense of resilience and dynamism akin to the relentless forces of nature. Abstract in essence yet vividly evocative, it whispers secrets of a dimension beyond our own. With graceful strokes and fluid movements, the artist captures the essence of a celestial garden, where otherworldly blooms unfurl in a mesmerizing display of color and form. Each petal seems to shimmer with the light of distant stars while tendrils of ink weave through the composition like threads of magic. In "Ethereal Bloom I," the boundaries between reality and imagination blur, inviting viewers to lose themselves in a dreamscape of possibility. It is a symphony of abstraction, where the language of art transcends words, speaking directly to the soul. Surrender to its enchantment and let yourself be carried away on a journey to the furthest reaches of the imagination.


Jeanne (Xinjun) Li is an award-winning artist and XR creative technologist in New York. With a prestigious background from RISD and Cornell Architecture/Digital Media Art, she has held exhibitions in cultural capitals such as New York, Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong, etc. Her art is renowned for transforming traditional Buddhist Shuimo painting into immersive digital media experiences, blending ancient techniques with contemporary digital expression. A seasoned veteran of over 30 exhibitions, including the distinguished AI-centric CVPR 2024 event, Jeanne has continually pushed the boundaries of art, earning her a reputation as a vanguard in integrating technology and traditional media.

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