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Milan Design Week 2024
Asian Art Exhibition


The HeriArt Association, in collaboration with the Andrea Ingenito Contemporary Art Gallery, is thrilled to unveil the "Gardening" group exhibition. This remarkable showcase in Milan marks our gallery's debut in the city, offering a captivating exploration of contemporary Asian culture through the lens of design, digital art, and imagery.

At the heart of this exhibition lies the concept of "gardening/Zaoyuan," deeply ingrained in Eastern traditions as more than mere landscaping. It represents an art form rooted in reflection and meditation, embodying profound connections between humanity, nature, and artistic expression. Through "Gardening," we invite audiences to embark on a journey through the intricate landscapes of personal utopias and dreamscapes meticulously crafted by our esteemed artists.

The exhibition will showcase 8 art projects, including:

  • Associate Professor and Ph.D. Supervisor at the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, Luoqi Chen and their creative team digital artist Sen Liu and music artist Yue Gu present "Time's Flow, the Moon's Glow."

  • Raine Li and Jiayi Lin from Flutter New Media Art Studio will unveil their latest work, 'The Buckwheat Has Bloomed'.

  • New media digital artist and art director Zhiyan Cai unveils the "Cyber Folklore Series."

  • Artist, photographer, and filmmaker Joanna Li presents "REMINISCENCE."

  • Graphic designer, photographer, and digital artist ZhanZhang showcases "Manjushri."

  • Digital Artist, Crossover Designer Ash Chuwen Xu showcases "Sea·Brainwave·Isolation"

  • Service experience designer Shuyi Liu and product designer Yachu Feng, present "AirSphere."

  • Yi visual artist Raine Li will present her work, "Yi—The Flame of Time".

Through "Gardening," HeriArt invites visitors to experience a reflective and transformative artistic journey that illustrates the profound philosophical narratives inherent in contemporary Asian art.

Theme of Design Week 2024

Luoqi Chen - MDW24 - Image 01.JPG
Gardening - MDW24 - Image 03.JPG
Gardening - MDW24 - Image 01.JPG
Gardening - MDW24 - Image 05.jpg
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