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Ecotopia is based on the concept of a sustainable utopian society, how to build a material system for the harmonious coexistence of human and nature in the future when the sea level rises and land resources become scarce. The project uses algae as the main medium of creation, explores the possibilities of future development of sustainable materials. Also carries out relevant material research and development as well as combining with parametric design, 3d printing and other technology.


The work is divided into three parts: bio-material library, wearable device, and digital virtual garment. It has been shortlisted in 2022 Gucci x ARTS thread global Design Exhibition and the 53rd China CIFF Civil Furniture Exhibition, 2024 China CMF Trend LAB Exhibition.

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Ecotopia bio-yarn

Ecotopia bio-yarn

One of the material works in Ecotopia Biomaterial Library. The designer use parametric design to create a variety of random symmetrical woven structures, and use biodegradable algae yarn to restore the structures. This work breaks with the traditional idea of weaving materials and structures to innovate sustainable materials.


Medium: images  


Year of work:2022.07.

Ecotopia Wearable Device

Ecotopia biomaterial wearable device. The designer use the movement of plant growth as the inspiration for the structure, combining algae yarn and 3d printing environmental protection consumables. And also combined with the human body to reflect the concept of sustainable symbiosis.


Medium: installation art,algae,PLA


Year of work:2024.02.

future & reality

Ecotopia extends the virtual accessories collection. In the social context of Ecotopia, the idea is to think about the construction of sustainable fashion system and the use of algae material. The collection incorporates the structure of marine organisms to create a series of digital virtual accessories that explore the diversity of future accessory wear.


Medium: digital images


Year of work:2023.10.


PEIYI LIANG is a fashion designer and sustainable material artist who graduated from the Royal College of Art. She does not limit her design style and approach, using the human body as a carrier, breaking the traditionally defined boundaries of fashion and art. She focuses on sustainability and explores the possibilities of collision with different materials and media, including biological design, installation art, digital virtual and other methods. Currently her main creative direction is art creation and fashion application with sustainable materials.


05/2024     Guangzhou, China, Exhibition: Stepping into the Wave of Coding - A Preview of Artistic Change in the Age of Ai

03/2024     2024-2025 China Design Trend Report

03/2024     The 53rd China CIFF Civil Furniture Exhibition

03/2024      2024 CMF Trend LAB Special Exhibition

03/2023     Shanghai Cross-media Collaboration Project <Autocatalytic Reproduction>, China

09/2022     2022 Gucci * Arts Thread Global Design Exhibition 

07/2022     RCA2022 Degree Show MA Fashion

03/2022     RCA2022 Fashion WIP Show

07/2019     Hangzhou Cultural and Creative Expo, top 50 emerging design project ,China

12/2018     Shanghai ELLE & Independent Designer Fashion Storytelling Festival, China

04/2018     Hangzhou Citizen Film Festival, China

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