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The landscape of encounters in a dynamic installation

Some changes are complex to understand with reason alone and become clearer if intuition is left free. “Trame” is the interactive-perceptive exercise that Stark is dedicating to Fuorisalone 2023’s theme: Laboratorio Futuro.

Once again during the Design Week, Stark experiments with a dynamic and participatory installation portraying the landscape of the encounter between living beings. Our hands guide the effects in the surrounding space, but at the same time gestures of other entities can intervene and change in turn what surrounds us. The work thus envelops us like a canvas in which the relationships between effects are dynamically woven, inviting us to rely on a holistic and perceptive understanding of the experience of co-defining space. The installation offers a reflection on how our actions, however conscious, are necessarily intertwined with those from other lives.

A constantly changing scenario that engages with an evolving and interactive soundscape, curated by composer Paolo Bragaglia. An iridescent score of concrete and synthetic sounds, which are constantly changing, helps to draw the narrative of the storylines born from the encounters.

The collaboration with architects Alice Buroni and Gloria Lisi together with Alex Buroni, has brought Stark to experiment a shared experience in the suggestive atmosphere of the Acquario Civico in Milan, proposing an immersion into the suggestive metamorphoses that relations between actions can originate.(From Milan Design Week 2023

Milan Design Week
Milan Design Week
Milan Design Week
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