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The lapping of the waves to the shore signifies the end of the waves, and just as the limitations of the human mind exist boundaries, the work conveys the message that life is bound to nature. It urges the viewer to recognise that the boundaries between human thought and the natural world are mere cognitive contradictions, and to reflect on and contemplate the notion of a collective consciousness that permeates all forms of life. The result is a debate between the disconnect created by the indoctrination of human civilisation and the unholy symbiosis of nature. The work challenges traditional notions of separation and emphasises the fluidity of life and the harmonious symbiosis of nature.


The techniques used by the authors combine EEG&ECG devices and digital media. This synergy captures and visualises participants' brainwave and heart rate data in real time, translating abstract neural activity into a compelling visual narrative. Viewers are invited to embark on a speculative journey where nature and self-awareness intertwine.



Chuwen Xu

MA Royal College of Art

Co-founder. Flotage.Co

Director. Macao Cultural, Educational and Artistic Exchange Association

Member. London Technology Association

Passionate about exploring forward-looking technology and its use in art and design works, the author's artistic practice expresses the use of technology and critiques it from a speculative perspective. In the new era of AI revolution and digital art, the author puts into action the perspectives and thoughts of the new voice generation.


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