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Awareness Of The Stars

This series of experimental digital paintings take conceptualized star maps of astronomical significance as clues and symbols, hinting at the inspiration and awakening of consciousness at the moment of gazing upon the vastness of the cosmos. Immersed in the striking colors of the fluorescent system, different characters inhabit various energy fields, constructing multidimensional narratives of a certain spacetime story. The identities of various creatures in the images are indeterminate; they do not create barriers due to their own identities and natures. Instead, they harmoniously coexist, creating narratives of inspiration that belong to them. This is an open space for imaginative experiences. I attempt to construct a utopian realm of dreams, using decentralized visual language to offer observers diverse possibilities of altering particle states.



Berry Lin


Digital Artist, Illustration Artist, B.F.A. and M.F.A. in Printmaking from the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), lives and works in Beijing.

Focusing on the digital fusion of hypermaterial energy embodiment, exploring the interesting presentation of virtual reality, using digital art media, AI technology, digital music to create a diverse soup of fluid consciousness.

Art works exhibited in the 2nd China Digital Art Expo; GUI 2023 2nd Digital Art Exhibition; 2024 XOTH X THE BOX Absolute Public Screen Project Digital Art Exhibition Season 2; Won the Official Selection of LICC London International Creative Competition.


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