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The installation HUMAN MANDALA is a celebration of the interconnectedness of human beings.

The exhibit at SIAM in Milan during the Milano Design week 2023 features a series of real human bodies arranged in a circular mandala formation, with each individual standing naked and vulnerable, yet connected to the others through a network of root-like structures like a mycelium organism.

The bodies are arranged in a way that creates a sense of symmetry and balance, with each individual contributing to the overall beauty and harmony of the piece. 

The installation invites viewers to contemplate the ways in which we are all connected to each other, and how the world is connected to us. 

As viewers move around the installation, they are able to see the bodies from different angles, revealing new connections and patterns. 

The use of naked bodies highlights the vulnerability and rawness of the human experience, while the root-like structures symbolize the invisible connections that bind us together. Overall, "HUMAN MANDALA" is a powerful and thought-provoking exhibit that challenges viewers to reconsider their relationship to themselves and to others, and to recognize the beauty and importance of the connections that unite us all. 

Like a giant flower that continues to bloom and expand. 

Creating a powerful Mandala together - with an holy geometry that we keep on repeating and repeating and so on. 

(From Milan Design Week 2023

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Milan Design Week
Milan Design Week
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